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AniVerse is a Metaverse NFT based open world game based on its own blockchain using the MILLIX cryptocurrency where the player can play, adventure, discover, and get rewarded in MLX. Apart from other P2W NFT Metaverse games, buying NFT's from the AniVerse doesn't make buyers have an edge against the other free to play players but instead, the buyer of the NFT gets to use the avatar of the NFT they just bought as a form of 'skin' which again, is purely for personal entertainment widely used in successful games such as Fortnite. Purchasing an NFT using Millix also comes with other perks but do not in any enhance the gameplay experience but can be viewed that way by the user. We keep it this way to make the game fair for all players. Perks include: Access to 2d, 3d, and animations of the model they have bought Free Polygon based HumanityVerse NFT 100 000 000 ImperialCoins Beta testing for all ImperialStudios Projects And more!
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