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Bag Heads


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Available for sale
5 000 NFTS


 Welcome to Bag Heads! We are a new, NFT membership project, committed to honesty, openness, and community. In addition to cool, original art, we hope to offer lasting value to Bag Head holders in a variety of ways.




Bag Heads is a limited edition NFT collection that acts as a membership to an exclusive NFT community. We are a team that loves art, graphic design, and the NFT space, so we hope to share those passions with you.




 The NFT revolution is here, and with the exponential increase in Solana’s popularity and usage, more and more NFT projects are being released on the network. We love Solana and decided to create Bag Heads to help you navigate it and other NFT ecosystems.




Many projects being released right now are superficial and speculative - they bring no real value to their holders. At Bag Heads, we strive to earn your trust by offering benefits both before and after the mint.




- Our Rug or Moon sheet is a daily review of NFT mints with a clear rating system to help you make informed decisions about trading and investing in NFT's. Take a look at our Discord.




- The NFT Discussion Hub is a community room on our Discord where we discuss projects, trends, and strategies with the community. Our team is consistently active there.




- Giveaways will be a major benefit of holding Bag Heads. As we continue to grow the project, expand on our roadmap, and form new partnerships, expect some great returns as a Bag Head holder.




Rug or Moon Sheet






Our Rug or Moon Sheet covers upcoming projects on Solana. We carefully evaluate each project on the basis of community engagement, price, the total number of NFTs, team, and project vision.




None of this is financial or investment advice, but we will try our best to give you the best, up-to-date information. We’ve all fallen to rugs in the past, and we do our best to protect our community.




The Rug-or-Moon sheet is currently freely viewable on our Discord. It will continue to be open to the public for Solana projects, while Bag Head owners will have access to Rug or Moon across all chains.




For more detailed discussions, we created the NFT Discussion Hub.




NFT Discussion Hub






The NFT Discussion Hub is a members-only announcement channel where community members can share any and all NFT news. Our NFT library is a place where you can find resources about NFT’s. These resources will take the form of videos, articles, and links. 




100% transparency and truthfulness is always our number one concern when it comes to discussing NFT's. We will never shill or support a project that looks, suspect. We're here for the community.




Giveaways, events, and more communication.






Beyond our Rug or Moon sheet and community forum, giveaways are a great way for us to show our appreciation for the community and keep everyone happy and engaged. There will be plenty of ways you can score a Bag Head, among other things. 




We just finished giving away 100 Bag Heads, and are actively collaborating with other projects we believe in. You can expect some random giveaways and exciting news.




I hope this gives you a good insight into the upfront value we are bringing to you guys and we are excited to keep growing this project the best we can. With your help, we can really turn this project into something great. It takes a lot of hard work but is well worth it. 


Active drops

Bag Heads Drop
NFT membership project, committed to honesty, openness, and community. In addition to cool, original art, we hope to offer lasting value to Bag Head holders in a variety of ways.
$215.00 (215.00 USD)
5,000 NFTs