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Coalition Crew


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Available for sale
7 100 NFTS


This is the NFT for Game Changers. The Coalition Crew is an exclusive collection of 7100 unique Cheetah NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.


It’s estimated that as of 2021, there are only 7100 cheetahs left in the wild.


Cheetahs are currently listed as vulnerable and we want to help change that. That’s why for every NFT that is purchased, we will “adopt” a cheetah in your honor. This includes a photo, an adoption certificate, a stuffed animal, species card + more! (Will be sent to you after holding token for a minimum of 3 months!)


So why is this the NFT for Game Changers? Well because not only are you literally helping a species from becoming endangered you are also going to be helping yourself. That’s where the Game Changers Academy comes in. We have been featured and promoted in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine and more! The GCA was designed to help entrepreneurs —at different stages of business— get access to an exclusive network and various tools to level-up as fast as possible. Learn more about it at gamechangersmovement.com


On top of getting access to the GCA, your token also doubles as your ticket to any live, in- person event. The costs for these usually run anywhere from 1-24k. (If you happen to hold a rare cheetah, this will get you VIP access)


This is just the beginning. You see we want to over-deliver for our token holders. We also have airdrops, merch + more in the works. We take feedback very seriously so we will constantly be making adjustments to make this a top notch experience for you.


Please note: Once you become a token holder, send proof of ownership to kaylavoogd@gmail.com to receive access to the GCA *If you sell your NFT – your access to the Academy will be suspended*


At live events when you check in you must bring proof of token ownership

Active drops

Coalition Crew Drop
It’s estimated that as of 2021, there are only 7100 cheetahs left in the wild.
$388.00 (388.00 USD)
7,100 NFTs