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Looking for something different when buying NFT, that's not just a picture? Tired of empty promises and having to take a gamble?
Introducing - DeAngels, NFT project with clear plan ahead. Our team actively participated in NFT space, and after watching 100s of launches, we know how to create a perfect NFT project. We have a clear roadmap and dedicated team to do that. 
- Royalty shares
- Mating, also known as Breading
- Active marketing
- Unique & simple NFT game, which will earn rewards.
These points makes our NFT not just an art and not just an NFT, with all it's different functions it should be called NFT 2.0
Income generation will keep value high and art that is worthy to brag about. 
Now, were taking our first steps, so come join our journey and witness the history of how the next level NFTs should be made. DeAngels - you don't want to miss it.

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