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Driverz will become a first of it's kind racing PFP project with plenty of short and long term goals with utility on the flow blockchain. We are backed by NFT Genius and will be using Dapper Wallet. It will be first motorsport racing related PFP community on flow that will have lots of utility such as IRL events, Fantasy Sports, Airdrops, Merch and plenty more unique details to come that we will keep as secret. The popularity of F1 racing has sky rocketed in recent times due to DriveToSurvive Netflix series and a massive push by F1 to bring the sport even more global. The lack of racing related projects pushed the founders to bring new and old fans of racing together. The most popular sports nfts belong on Flow blockchain as we know such as NBATopShot, NFLALLDAY, UFCStrikeNFT, LaLigaOnFlow, FanCraze, and Ballerz. Here at Driverz, we want to give all Motorsport fans a home. We are a completely unique standout project for those that love the fast and furious style of racing. We want to build a big brand behind Driverz, that we can represent everywhere. We want to show off these cool Driverz everywhere with pride!

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Driverz is a project that will bring racing and other sports fans together. It is a pfp project that will be on the FLOW blockchain. It is backed by NFT Genius and will use Dapper wallet. The flow blockchain is home to many sports NFTs especially NBA TopShot which start some of the NFT boom, and it also has NFL All Day, UFC Strike, Cricket FanCraze, La Liga NFT and Ballerz among many more things to come sports related. Driverz will be first of it's kind racing PFP community with plenty of utility.
$222.00 (222.00 USD)
9,000 NFTs