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Kanaria is a collection of 9999 beefy Canaries on the Kusama blockchain. The birds can own other NFTs which can be traded as individual, regular NFTs. Some birds have dual art, and all can react to emotion (on-chain emotes).

This is possible due to the art-lego approach of RMRK.app - the most advanced NFT protocol out there right now.


In RMRK NFTs can:


  1. own other NFTs
  2. have conditional rendering (if this picture of a moon gets 50 rocket emoji, show a moon base)
  3. be fractionalized and governed democratically
  4. have multiple resources (an ebook NFT can have an audio file, a PDF, and a high-res cover, and depending on which context it loads in that resource will load, e.g. Audible will just play it)
  5. can EQUIP other NFTs to alter their appearance across all platforms integrating the standard (currently 7 chains and 30 planned dapps and counting).
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