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Kotaro Sharks Gen2


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KSHarks Poker will allow top Solana Projects to use their own tokens as a payment under the special terms. The individually branded Poker Table for top DAOs will be implemented as an exclusive option. For our Kotaro Shark Holders of both Gen I and Gen II will be granted a special access to VIP Poker Tournaments. Kotaro Sharks team is working on adding a BSC. After Poker Game launch 50% of the rake income will go to the liquidity pool to support the price of $KTRC. Being a part of KS: - gives you the opportunity be a part of the strong and friendly KSharks DAO - holding and earning tokens on staking - taking part in cool raffles with their own $KTRC token - holders have the opportunity to get an upcoming Gen II Kotaro Shark for FREE just by staking two Gen I KSharks - IMMEDIATE staking for both generations after the mint LP for $KTRC - Access to NFT Poker room, the demo version is coming soon
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