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Available for sale
5 000 NFTS


The Origin Story


MetaBooms are chatty and feisty metaverse beings who are said to be the spirits of 80s' boomboxes wandering the world after walkman took over.


When MetaBooms aren’t fed with music, they speak gibberish (with two mouths), that can be, to put it lightly, very annoying. That’s why their leaders went on this search quest to scout for the best DJ masters with kickass music tastes. Once they see eye to eye with you, they would drop in at your front yard, ready to start this super loud journey with you.


Notice of adoption, they spit gold when fed with great music, nothing pleasant with mehs. Don’t be alarmed when they start to look like you, all good companies do.


MetaBoom Ecosystem


MetaBooms are so much more than just another generative art pfp project. With the implementation of MetaMusic protocol, MetaBooms are the driving force and the building blocks in this web3.0 music distribution ecosystem we designed for the future of the music to be consumed and appreciated in the metaverse worlds.


Once you own a MetaBoom, you become a MetaDJ, and will be earning tokens by curating a playlist ; musicians will be earning tokens and income from the sale of their music NFTs, and listeners will participate in the system in different ways on top of free listening.

Active drops

MetaBoom Drop
Carry your favorite music NFTs on your PFP's shoulders. Music ecosystem designed for web3.0
$233.00 (233.00 USD)
5,000 NFTs