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There are 6666 Skullies soon to drop.No empty promises, here creating value for the community.
⚡Nov 14 20:00 UTC⚡
Our promise to you is to create unique and one of a kind collectible art on the blockchain. No more, no less.
We plan on endeavouring to produce the best possible product to appeal and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. No ‘Roadmap’ could truly encapsulate the vision and goals of our project. And as such, we’re doing it differently. Unlike the other run of the mill NFT projects you see, we’re giving power to you, the community, to drive, innovate and precipitate profound change via the vessel of Solana Skullies.
We’re breaking down the stereotypical constructs surrounding NFTs, with an emphasis on community engagement we’re creating a new wave in the space.
Our ‘Roadmap’ isn’t going to be littered with falsities and empty promises, our project is going to necessitate real change. There is no smoke and mirrors with what we’re trying to do. No frills. No catches. Just authenticity and genuine care from people who much like you are a part of the space. We don’t want to take away from what exists and drain the essence from what the space has become, we plan to contribute to, take part in, and hopefully actively engage with people who have the same mindset as we do.
There are no vendettas, secret ploys, underhanded motives or otherwise in what we do.
The BeginningAsking ourselves, what has not been done yet? What art styles can we capture? How can we be realistic about our promises to the community
Cataloguing art styles, past NFT project and deciding on an art theme.
The “Back-End”Creating the infrastructure for a website that expects a heavy load.
Forging tools and resources to upload and launch a large collection of JPEGs.
The “Front-End”Establishing a online presence through Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Sol Project discovery channels.
Producing a coherent website that is the face of our project.
Ensuring A Fair DropBy deploying the opensource CandyMachine software on our website we will be securing equal opportunity for all our fans when they mint a Skullie.
We will also be arranging our traits in a manner in which anyone will have a rough idea of the rarity of an item, based on its visual appearance (eg. crown trait is higher),we will also be releasing a rarity chart on the day of launch to assure the community the scarcity of their token.
Supporting Early FoundersTo give back to the community we will be producing Skullie tufted carpets in a limited quantity to ~ 333 members via a series of giveaways. This is a fair and achievable target to hit, and we aim to ship by the end of the year

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Skullies Drop
There are 6666 Skullies soon to drop.No empty promises, here creating value for the community.
$223.00 (223.00 USD)
6,666 NFTs