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Solana Beauties


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She is fierce, elegant, and perhaps a little too friendly. She is a loving single mom who takes great care of her child and was born into a large family on the Solana blockchain. She lived without worrying about her talents and skills, as there was nothing to stop her from reaching great success in life. When she found out she had breast cancer, her life changed.


She decided that she would not let breast cancer defeat her. She fights to stay strong for her child, but cannot afford the hospital bills. She goes online and asks the Solana community for help so that she can afford treatment. Once minted, she can afford treatment so that she may be healed. She feels like there is so much more to see, feel, and experience in this world. Luckily, she has a small but flourishing community to support her.

Active drops

Solana Beauties Drop
Solana Beauties: The most beautiful ladies on the Solana blockchain. 20% of all mint proceeds will go to breast cancer charities
$243.00 (243.00 USD)
8,888 NFTs