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Spray Cans by Campbell La Pun


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‘Spray Cans’ is the genesis collection by profound stencil artist Campbell La Pun. His popular Spray Can series has been painted on various mediums including canvas, wood panel, street walls, and now digitally on the blockchain.  


Campbell La Pun’s artwork has been showcased around the world, hanging next to notable artists such as Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Mr. Brainwash.


Only 1,111 unique Spray Cans will ever exist in this highly collectable series.



The Drop

  1. Minting will be random allocation
  2. 8 hrs after sale Spray Cans will be revealed
  3. Limited supply of only 1,111 unique Spray Cans
  4. ​10 Original hand signed prints from the artist Campbell La Pun will be assigned randomly to holders.
  5. ​2 originals hand painted cans worth 6k USD each will be randomly awarded to holders. 
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