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Tactus NFT (Toxic Cactus)


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Available for sale
10 000 NFTS


This whacky collection of unique 10,000 TACTUS (Toxic Cactuses) is here to seduce you into a satisfyingly entertaining universe of cactuses. Gear up to own a Toxic Cactus and unleash catastrophe. With over 100 hand drawn attributes there will never be two of the same!

Active drops

Tactus NFT (Toxic Cactus) - FREE MINT
Each of the 10,000 TACTUS NFTs has been created to have a special identity with its own level of toxicity. Loads of Traits like expressions, clothing and backgrounds combine giving each cactus a mysteriously mischievous personality. They could be gangsta, cool, drunkards, R&B fans, flashy, funky or disgustingly greedy. So come on in and join the mischief! Which one would you like? Which one do you think is closest to your identity? What could you do with a Toxic Cactus? Get set to own a TACTUS NFT and unlock exciting and thrilling opportunities within this universe.
$1.00 (1.00 USD)
10,000 NFTs