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Tap Tap Rev


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TapTapRev is a mobile app and web3 integrated game of speed and skill. We reward our players with amazing NFTs like MAYC, Moonbirds, Doodles, and more. Each week a 48 hour window opens up and holders get to play our weekly game, and the fastest time with the highest score win incredible Blue Chip NFTs. The team is doxxed, we hold weekly AMAs, will have incredibly optimized contracts, and are already working on season 2 and 3. Each week we will be handing out 20 ETH+ in NFT prizes to our community members. Ranked games help spread reward out to players of all skill levels, which means more members of our community consistently win. Our first season has 500+ NFTs scheduled to be handed out! Our simple and easy to play game is already developed and ready to play Day 1! Mint and Royalty Revenue goes right back to our community in the form of funding the prize vault and given back to the players. Hodlers are rewarded when the play the game in the form of evolving NFTs that level up in game functionality and beautiful artistic design, access to future games already in development, and exposure to our collaborative partners.
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