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UkraineVSRussia NFT


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FEATURES: 1. Real On-Chain NFT All data is stored in the blockchain. No external servers or ipfs 2. Dynamic NFTs You can arrange a battle between your NFTs and increase the power of the token 3. Tokenomics 20,000 tokens will be issued initially. 10,000 Ukrainian troops and Russian troops each. Tokens will be minted in waves of 1000 each The next waves of tokens will cost more expensive. How it works: In the future, as a result of the struggle, the number of tokens will decrease, and the power of tokens will grow. A stronger token defeats a weaker one. With equal strength, the winner is chosen pseudorandom. Each next token wave will cost more per token than the previous In total, 20 waves will be released with the final cost of 1 ETH for a token and it is that wave that will determine the winner in the conflict You decide who will win this war. At the end, the remaining tokens will determine the winner Why is this done? UkraineVSRussia.io charity project. We are a team of caring people from different countries decided to raise funds to help people who were suffering from hostilities. 50% of funds raised will be sent to the organization International Red Cross and Voices of Children.
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